Alchemy of Love • X-static Week with Nisi & Thor

Alchemy of Love
Nisi & Thor Hann

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04.30.2022 - 05.07.2022
Blue Spirit Retreat Center, Costa Rica


Spend a week at beautiful Blue Spirit Resort and learn tools to bring your relationship to new levels. At the most basic level, at the core of existence, we are all the same and connected. The Alchemy of Love is a week of magical transformation that occurs when we open our hearts and souls to each other, drop the armor that reinforces separation, and simply allow the other in. This alchemy can be as simple as gazing in the eyes of your beloved.

Tantra is a path of transformation and creates the exceptional out of the ordinary. At its core it is an individual practice of simply noticing and allowing what is already present to be made aware of. Nisi and Thor bring what is alive and present in their own lives, and share this through their teachings. Tantric practices challenge us to grow, meet the unexpected, and step into the unknown, and we ask that you come willing and determined to let the alchemy happen. This ancient spiritual science is designed to activate, heal, and enrich every area of life. In this 7-day retreat, learn practical and effective Tantric methods to cultivate a deeply sacred, utterly joyful, and profoundly pleasurable intimate connection – in and out of the bedroom.

Participants are required to register with a partner for this week of transformation. Some of the more intimate practices will be in the privacy of your room. This week will provide a “toolbox” to take home to activate and enhance your relationship for years to come.

Price for a week of transformations from $1375 - $2070 depending on accomodation choice. Includes 3 gormet organic meals per day.

What to expect:
Daily guided meditations and tantric practices
Breath as a vehicle for transformation
Evening rituals to deepen your practice
Tantric take home practices
Intentional love making (in the privacy of your room)
Energetic intimacy with yourself and your partner

Is this retreat for you?
Are you in a trusting, intimate relationship
Are looking to deepen your relationship and sexuality
Do you love adventure and nature?
Are ready to give your relationship more conscious & spiritual attention

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