Love and Sensuality: A Valentine’s Day Weekend for Couples

Sara & Thomas Stout of LovePassionately
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02.12.2021 - 02.14.2021


Do you want more love and intimacy in your life?
Would you like to feel more pleasure and sensuality?
Are you needing lightness and spontaneity in your relationship?

Just show up, and you will be surprised how easily you can awaken your capacity to live ecstatically. Let Sara and Thomas skillfully guide you through fun and Tantric, body-based practices to enhance your relationship.

Intimacy is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your beloved.
Learn the art of deep listening where you will discover who you are and who you can be in an intimate relationship.

Delve into your innate capacity to love at a deeper level, to be met, to be seen, heard and revered. Through trust and sacred presence, open fully to your inner lover. These practices may be simple yet can yield profound results.

In this experiential workshop you will have an opportunity to

• Deepen intimacy and sacredness with yourself and your partner. 
• Learn the 3 keys for enhanced energy and vitality.
• Explore your identity as giver and receiver in relationship.
• Remove blocks from your truth and ecstasy.
• Laugh, play and return to ease and joy in your relationship.
• Develop your sensuality and touch your desires.

You will participate in:

Communication exercises
Active meditations
Breathing practices
Movement and dance
Tantric rituals
Sensuous touch
Heart to heart sharing
And surprises ...

Join Sara and Thomas for a weekend devoted to celebrating and deepening intimacy and sensuality in the privacy of your own home. Give yourself and your partner the gift of a weekend of fun, body-based practices to enhance your relationship. Learn the 3 keys for enhanced energy and vitality; explore your identity as giver and receiver in a relationship; remove blocks that prevent ecstasy. Let this be your weekend to engage in communication exercises, active meditations, breathing practices, movement and dance, Tantric rituals, and heart-to-heart sharing with your beloved.

Start: Friday, Feb 12, 2021 @ 7:30pm Eastern, 4:30pm Pacific
End: Sunday, Feb 14, 2021 @ 3:00pm Eastern, 11:00am Pacific

Cost per couple: $250

Facilitated by Sara & Thomas
Sponsored by Rowe Center


How to prepare:
Create your space to allow movement, meditation, sitting face to face, and the option of getting comfortable with pillows and cushions. Have water and tissues nearby.

Have your physical needs satisfied, eat a nourishing meal, kids settled, and pets and phones put to bed for the night. We encourage you to be 100% present, of clear mind and spirit. Wear clothing that you can move in and enjoy, supporting your beauty.

All couples, genders, and relationship configurations are welcome.

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