A Tantric New Year

Sara & Thomas Stout of LovePassionately
Sara & Thomas Stout of LovePassionately

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Bring in the New Year with cuddles, touch, breath, conscious connection, and dance. In this special Tantric New Years’ celebration, you will be progressively and playfully guided through physical and verbal connection practices with yourself, in pairs, and groups. Between exercises, there will be time for dancing, cuddling, socializing, and snacking. Bathed in candlelight and music, embody your intention as you step into the New Year.  

Using the Tantric tools of consciousness and vital life force energy supports you beginning 2023 in an atmosphere of love and connection. We will focus on our humanness and partner with each other regardless of gender or sexual orientation. If you are arriving with someone, you can stay with them during the activities.

3+ hours of connection and intimacy is only $40. We will provide non-alcoholic beverages and sumptuous snacks. Attendance is limited. Register Now!

Saturday, Dec 31, 2022, 9:00 pm-12:30 am

South Minneapolis – Address is given upon registration

Doors open at 8:40 pm, Doors are locked at 9:20 pm.

$35 in advance, $45 after 6 pm on Saturday.

Please bring a water bottle, wear comfortable clothes, and know that you can participate in as much or as little feels comfortable. Come alone or bring a friend. Open to all genders and orientations ages 18 and up. We encourage you to open your heart and see all other participants as the divine beings they truly are. We do not attempt to balance gender. This is a 1-2 Chili Pepper event, so all practices are fully clothed and are focused on fun, meaningful connections, nurturing, innocent touch, and attention with each other. 

Intrinsic in the work is a keen noticing of our bodies. This deep listening doesn’t mix well with alcohol or other substances.  Please don’t consume substances that would hinder your natural state.

Please fill out the Registration Application below and we will contact you soon. 

We look forward to being with you,

Sara & Thomas
Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers

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