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Our SkyDancing institute organises international workshops. 
Our classes and initiation workshops are open to all. No prior knowledge of Tantra is required. Beginners are welcome ! You can participate alone or in a couple.
At the bottom of the page of each event you will find a Registration / Information Form.

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The Initiation workshops fulfil the requirement of a pre-requisite for the Love & Ecstasy Training, if you wish to deepen and continue on this path.
No sexual intercourse is practiced during our courses.

The Skydancing Tantra workshops invite you to connect to your energy centers, so that your energy, vital or sexual, becomes more fluid, from sex to heart and from heart to mind, allowing you to connect to yourself, to the other and to the universe.
By developing more conscious communication, you learn new ways to express your needs and gain confidence in your love life.
Tantra makes it easier to heal wounds.
The connection of Sexuality and Spirituality is one of the great treasures of Tantra.
You find in our courses, a community of people who choose authenticity.

SkyDancing Tantra,

30 years of encountering oneself and others

SkyDancing Tantra International

Originating from the ancestral Tantric tradition, the teachings of SkyDancing Tantra are a modern path of awakening each person's ecstatic potential and vital power to create a life of Love, Sensuality, and Spirituality. Created by Margot Anand, this method has been transmitted for over 30 years by SkyDancing Tantra Institutes around the world to anyone wishing initiation on this path.


The Love & Ecstasy Training (LET)

Follow the Path of Bliss: Cycles 1, 2 & 3 conceived by Margot Anand. The LET is for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge and practice of SkyDancing Tantra.




SkyDancing Tantra Events

Take your first steps on the path of SkyDancing Tantra by participating to the evenings or workshops
lead by our certified teachers. Go further with Advanced workshops and Trainings..




Follow the Path of Bliss
The Love and Ecstasy Trainings (LET)


Discover the foundational practices of SkyDancing Tantra.
Cycles 1, 2 & 3 of the LET are based on the book "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy"
written by world renowned author and teacher, Margot Anand.

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Margot Anand, founder of SkyDancing Tantra


With an exceptional life path, Margot Anand offers a teaching where French spirit and humour, American efficiency and Indian mysticism are magnificently combined. With a degree in psychology from the Sorbonne, she has trained throughout her life in Gestalt, Bioenergy, massage, meditation and yoga. After a spontaneous mystical awakening, she deepened her intuitive knowledge of Tantra with several spiritual masters in India, the USA and Europe. Author of 5 books and a series of DVDs, she teaches TEL, Training for Love and Ecstasy in the World. 

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Teachers of the SkyDancing Institute USA


Those certified teachers are leading the different courses
offered by the USA institute.
Each bringing their own personal approach and personality.



The USA Institute


This Institute is directed by Sara Biewen & Thomas Stout. Formally established in July 2007, its mission is to transmit Margot Anand's tantric teaching, in the form of initiation and intensive courses, evenings and Trainings.

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