Love and Ecstasy Training LET

CYCLE 3 - Sexual Passion & Spiritual Ecstasy

LET cycle 3 - The Joy of the Spirit: Meditation - Ecstasy

The Love and Ecstasy Training®

Cycle 3 - The Joy of the Spirit: Meditation - Ecstasy

Dates to be announced

When the vital energy is awakened and flows freely, it is possible to melt into the silence of meditation. The energy of the first chakra is the energy of fire, which when released, will feed all other chakras and open the path to spiritual transformation.

The "Wave of Bliss" is an advanced practice of SkyDancing Tantra, which teaches how, in the position of Yabyum, the ascent and refinement of sexual energy facilitates the expansion of consciousness. Through sensual massage, ancient Tantric practices, beautiful rituals, healing mantras, feel the power individually and in the community. The Wave of Bliss is the union of consciousness and energy.


In this cycle you will learn:

  • The art of "The Wave of Bliss"
  • The art of relaxation and meditation, in order to generate the fusion of energies
  • The art of building and regulating arousal, creative, sexual energy: opening the "inner flute"
  • The art of channeling spiritual vitality, which opens to the expansion of healing and consciousness
  • The Art of Vajrasattva: Mantra of the 100 syllables

SkyDancing Tantra Teachers and Lineage Holders Mika Smith and Sara Stout.

Prerequisite: Completing the Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) Cycles 1-2 is a prerequisite to participating in Cycle 3. Some exceptions may apply Some exceptions may apply.

In-Person Workshop Wellness Protocols.

The SkyDancing Tantra Institute strives to create a safer environment for all participants and team members. Despite our protocols, we cannot guarantee that our workshops will be 100% safe from the spread of infection.

To support your attendance to be as comfortable as possible, we ask everyone attending a workshop to adhere to the following protocols:

Considerations and Preparations

  • We encourage all participants and staff to practice self-care before and after the workshop.
  • We ask participants and staff to take a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of arriving at the workshop. You can provide your own or purchase one from us for $20 onsite.If you test positive, please contact SDI-USA as soon as possible.
  • Please limit social contact for 3-4 days before the workshop and wear a mask when you are indoors with many people.
  • Please practice precautionary protocols when traveling, including masking and frequently washing hands.
  • If you are not feeling well, please do not attend the workshop. Notify us as soon as possible. The Institute will hold your registration as a credit per our refund/cancellation policy.
  • If you become infected by COVID, we will support you in arranging transport, onward travel, or quarantine arrangements.

This transformative program is best conducted when close proximity is comfortable and safe for all participants and staff.

Fill in the Registration Form below and submit your deposit to reserve your place.  

Logistics / Registration

Prerequisite:  Completion of the Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) Cycles 1-2 serve as prerequisite to participate in Cycle 3. Some exceptions may apply

Location: Saratoga Springs Retreat Center - Upper Lake, CA 

 Saratoga Springs photo

Saratoga Springs, north of Napa Valley, is a beautiful retreat center surrounded by hundreds of acres of pristine nature. It is nestled in the rolling hills of Northern California, 3 hours west of Sacramento and 3 hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

 Accommodation & Amenities: We will enjoy exclusive use of Saratoga Springs and prepare the Heart Lodge with radiant heated floors & floor to ceiling stone fireplace as our Tantric Temple.

The retreat center offers a variety of camp-style amenities, including private cabins, a historical lodge for socializing, a beautiful workshop venue, a swimming pool (May to Oct), a hot tub, and more.

Tuition, Meals & Lodging Options

$1725 Tuition per person includes:

  • one week SkyDancing Tantra seminar of the Love & Ecstasy Training, Cycle 3: The Joy of the Spirit: Meditation - Ecstasy
  • training handouts
  • full access to Saratoga Springs amenities

Meals & Lodging: Enjoy delicious, wholesome meals cooked by our beloved chef, Christine, and her team. They masterfully accommodate most special dietary requests. Meals included are Friday dinner to Friday take-out style lunch, 3 meals per day, and snacks during breaks.  Saratoga Springs offers a variety of charming camp-style cabins, lodge dorm rooms, wood tent cabins, and outdoor camping spaces (May–Oct). It is recommended that you register early to obtain the lodging of your choice. 

All cabins are double occupancy.

  • DCPB: Duplex Cabin Private Bathroom with sitting room, queen bunk bed - for couples, only 1 available
    $1725 tuition plus $975 meals & lodging per person

  • DCSB: Duplex Cabin Shared Bathroom with queen bunk or full bed - solos or couples
    $1725 tuition plus $875 meals & lodging per person

  • 4CSB: 4-plex Cabin Shared Bathrooms with full or 2 twin beds - solos or couples
    $1725 tuition plus $775 meals & lodging per person

  • LDSB: Lodge Dorm Shared Bathrooms with twin bunk beds
    $1725 tuition plus $725 meals & lodging per person

  • WTCB: Wood Tent Communal Bathroom with full or twin beds - solos or couples, (tents have electric outlets & space heater, bathrooms are outdoors)
    $1725 tuition plus $725 meals & lodging per person

  • OCCB: Outdoor Camping Communal Bathroom for RVs or bring your own tent & sleeping gear  (available May – Oct only)
    $1725 tuition plus $675 meals & lodging per person (bring your own tent, mat and sleeping gear)

Deposit: $750 per person if not paying in full below
Balance due by Nov 13, 2023.

*Note: for couples who request a king bed, Saratoga Springs will connect two twin beds together to form a king-sized bed. If you have any questions about this option, please contact us.

Daily Schedule & Timing

Daily Schedule: There will be a morning meditation, and 2 to 3 sessions each day. In the breaks between the sessions you will have enough time to enjoy a leisurely meal, a rest, a walk, the swimming pool (May – Oct), sauna, and more.

Timing: This cycle begins on the first Friday at 6:30pm with registration, followed by dinner and an evening session, and ends on the following Friday at 1:00pm followed by a take-out style lunch. You may arrive at Saratoga Springs as early as 5:00pm on the first day and stay until 2:00 pm on the day of departure.

Payment Terms & Cancellation Policy

Payment Terms: Deposit payment of $750 per person is required to register. Balance payment is due 30 days in advance. Full payment is due for registrations less than 30 days before the start date.

Cancellation Policy: Although payments are non-refundable, if you cancel your registration more than 30 days in advance, we are happy to issue you a credit voucher for the full amount you have paid. If you cancel your registration more than 15 days in advance, we will issue you a credit voucher for 50% of the amount you have paid. Credit vouchers are non-transferrable and valid for one year towards select events.

How to Register & Applying for Enrollment

Registration: To register, please continue below. 

Applying for Enrollment: Once your registration payment has been received, you will be asked to complete an online application questionnaire to determine if this training is right for you. If your application is denied, we will notify you by email no later than 10 days after we receive your completed application questionnaire and issue you a full refund (or a credit voucher if you prefer, valid for one year towards select events).


If you have any questions, please Contact us.


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